verb | ex·plore | \ik-ˈsplȯr\
Travel in or through (an unfamiliar country or area) in order to learn about or familiarize oneself with it.


verb | cre·ate | \krē-ˈāt, ˈkrē-ˌ\
To cause to come into being, as something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes.


verb | \ˈgrō\
To become better or improved in some way: to become more developed, mature, etc.

Photo Tours

  • Brazil – Jaguars and More

    Sep 8th 2021 - Sep 18th 2021
    Brazil’s Pantanal, the world’s largest seasonal wetland, is home to the highest density of Jaguars in the world. On our first day we had 12 encounters with 7 different cats. Get ready to experience Jaguars, Giant River Otters, and a stunning array of birds and other wildlife that concentrate here.
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    6 participants
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  • Newfoundland Puffins, Gannets and More – June Trip

    Jun 25th 2020 - Jun 30th 2020
    Newfoundland provides some of the best opportunities to photograph the Atlantic Puffin, Northern Gannet, and other majestic seabirds. On this tour, we go straight to the nesting colonies where these birds have been carrying on life for centuries.
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    6 participants
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  • Newfoundland Puffins, Gannets and More – July Trip

    Jul 2nd 2020 - Jul 7th 2020
    Newfoundland provides some of the best opportunities to photograph the Atlantic Puffin, Northern Gannet, and other majestic seabirds. On this tour, we go straight to the nesting colonies where these birds have been carrying on life for centuries.
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    6 participants
    1 spot just opened for a single or couple
  • The Magic of Monarchs

    Feb 25th 2021 - Mar 1st 2021
    Our world is blessed with many unique and amazing natural splendors. One of those is the magical and mysterious migration of the Monarch butterfly where virtually the entire world’s population flies to one tiny mountain area deep in the heart of Mexico to roost among the mighty Oyamel Fir trees. Join us as we experience this incredible wildlife spectacle.
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    12 participants
    Experience the Magic of Monarchs!
  • Costa Rica – Cloud Forest

    Apr 2nd 2021 - Apr 12th 2021
    With such a diversity of subject matter it’s no wonder Costa Rica is such a popular destination. From the beautiful scenery and plants, to incredible birds, reptiles, insects, and even poison dart frogs Costa Rica has something for everyone. It should come as no surprise to anyone that it is one of our favorite places on the globe!
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    8 participants
    2 Spots left - Join us!
  • Wildlife of Tanzania

    Feb 7th 2021 - Feb 18th 2021
    An epic adventure awaits… Photographing the hunt of a lion, the birth of Wildebeests, the explosion of a Cheetah running at full speed, the sublime connection within a herd of elephants, the gentle gaze of giraffes – this is where memories of a lifetime are created! Join us as we experience life on the dark continent in all it’s wild glory!
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    7 participants
    2021 just announced
  • Birds & Wildlife of Ecuador

    Nov 29th 2020 - Dec 10th 2020
    Join us for a spectacular photographic adventure to Ecuador. Experience the wonders of the Andean cloudforest as we photograph birds and other wildlife of the Tandayapa Valley and Sumaco foothills.
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    8 participants
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  • Kenya – The Great Migration

    Aug 15th 2020 - Aug 26th 2020
    The Great Migration – one of the most spectacular wildlife spectacles on earth! Millions of wildebeests, zebras and other species span the landscape as far as the eye can see, ultimately converging and crossing the Mara River. Kenya is a land of plenty this time of year overflowing with life. Journey with us as we witness this incredible display!
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    7 participants
    2 Spots Just Opened - for a Photographer and a Non-Photographer
  • The Ultimate Yellowstone in Winter

    Jan 8th 2021 - Jan 18th 2021
    Experience the ultimate Yellowstone in Winter! Unlike most tours, we work from three locations, allowing us to cover all the park has to offer this time of year. We work the interior from snowcoach out of West Yellowstone and Mammoth and finish up in Lamar Valley via private bus. All this access maximizes our opportunities to photograph both the austere scenery and wildlife such as wolves, bison, big horn, otters, bobcats, moose, foxes, coyotes and more.
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    6 participants
    Join us for great adventure!
  • Galapagos Islands

    Oct 28th 2020 - Nov 7th 2020
    If you are like most people a trip to the Galapagos Islands is very likely on your “bucket list”. If you are a nature photographer probably doubly so! And so it should be, because The Galapagos Islands are nature photography Nirvana! Experience what it is like to photograph and walk among wildlife that is completely accepting of your presence.
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    3 spots remain! Join us fir this bucket list trip!
  • Tours Currently in The Planning Stages

    Alaska’s Grizzlies June 2020
    Winter in Yellowstone January 2021
    Kenya/Wildebeest and Uganda/Gorillas August 2021
    Madagascar 2021
    Borneo 2021

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  • Spring in the Smokies

    Apr 22nd 2021 - Apr 26th 2021
    Spring is our absolute favorite time to be in the Smokies. This workshop is timed to coincide with the peak of spring wildflower season. The flower photography will be rounded out with birds, bears and waterfalls. Everyone from beginning photographers through advanced amateurs will enjoy this experience. The price also includes lodging in a beautiful log cabin five minutes from the park.
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    7 participants
  • Spring in the Northwoods Wildflowers and More

    There’s no better way to learn photography and hone your skills than in the field. We designed this hands-on workshop to coincide with peak wildflower season in Northern Michigan where we’ll have a burst of amazing subjects. From macro photography to bird photography and waterfalls, this will be a great chance to immerse yourself in an array of new skills.
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    10 participants
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  • Fall in Michigan’s Pictured Rocks

    Oct 11th 2019 - Oct 15th 2019
    Ablaze with color in the fall, Pictured Rocks is a photographer’s dream. This hands-on workshop captures the beauty! Located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, this location has it all: 15 miles of 200-foot-tall colorful sandstone cliff, beautiful fall color, dozens of photogenic waterfalls, and scenic quiet lakes blanketed in fog. This is a wonderful place to develop and hone your photography skills.
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    10 participants
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  • Flight School – Bosque Del Apache

    Jan 3rd 2020 - Jan 7th 2020
    It’s time for Flight School! Bosque is the premiere location to learn, practice and hone your flight photography skills. With tens of thousands of Sandhill Cranes and Snow Geese and the backdrop of gorgeous New Mexico landscapes, you will be immersed in a target-rich environment with real time field and classroom instruction and feedback.
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    8 participants
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  • Raptors in Flight Simcoe, Ontario

    Feb 8th 2020 - Feb 9th 2020
    We are proud to offer this exciting photographic experience. We offer this workshop 4 times a year: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. At each workshop, we will have two three hour sessions. Participants will have the opportunity to photograph a total of six Raptors in flight and six Raptors on beautiful perches. Want to get an idea of the possibilities… check out the client gallery!
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    10 participants
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  • Macro at Steve and Nicole’s House

    May 1st 2020 - Oct 31st 2020
    One of the things to love about Macro Photography is that it’s very accessible. It doesn’t require a lot of equipment and you can spend your entire life in a meadow behind your house and never exhaust the possibilities. Learn how during these ongoing, very unique semi-private workshops. Come out to our home and spend the morning in the field shooting with us!
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  • Birds of Prey Model Shoot at The Howell Nature Center

    Feb 15th 2020 - Feb 16th 2020
    These world class raptor workshops are one of the main fundraisers for The Howell Nature Center. The Center rehabilitates and releases back into the wild thousands of injured and orphaned animals each year. 100% of the proceeds go to the Nature center! The workshops take place four times a year, two in the fall, and two in the winter. Register early as these sessions always fill up!
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    45 participants
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  • Custom Photo Tours and Experiences

    Jan 1st 2020 - Jan 31st 2060
    Do you learn better in a one on one setting? Do you have a certain skill or specialty you want to work on? Perhaps a private half day workshop is the answer. Additionally we are happy to give you an estimate on a custom Workshop or Photo Tour to your dream destination, anywhere in the world.
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Tours vs Workshops Difference

Photo Tours

Tours are more location based. Photo tours are typically longer and always to amazing photographic destinations. The focus of a photo tour is photography plain and simple. Tours are about total immersion in a place and our creative process.

Our role during a photo tour is to take care of the travel logistics and all of the little details so you can focus on creating images. But, most importantly we will make sure you are in great locations at the right time to create great images. While Steve will often be shooting during a photo tour his images will always be secondary to your images. His main purpose will be to help you get great images. Steve will always be available to answer questions or help solve a problem.

Instruction is a large part of a photo tour. But to get the most out of a photo tour, participants in most tours will want to have an understanding of basic camera operation.

Photo Workshops

Workshops are definitely more instruction based than a tour. Shorter and more intense, workshops are super-charged with creativity and learning.

Group sizes are kept smaller (usually eight or less) in order to provide for more one on one instruction. The main thrust of one of our workshops will always be to spend quality time out in the field learning. Learning to see, learning new techniques, learning to identify and solve photographic problems, and of course making great images. Steve's role during a workshop will be to help you find and create great images, and to help you see and solve potential problems in the field.

Steve rarely shoots during a workshop and when he does, it will be near the end of the workshop and then to demonstrate how he would solve a problem or handle a particular situation.

The Goal

In the end photography is about seeing, and more importantly, it’s about effectively communicating your vision, and your message, through the images you create. During the course of either a workshop or a photo tour Steve will share with you how he sees, and give you an insight into how you see.

After either experience you will more effectively communicate your vision. Your work will speak more clearly without technical flaws and visual distractions that detract from your chosen message.

Hope to see you soon!