Raptors in Flight Simcoe, Ontario 2022

StartsJan 1st 2022
EndsDec 31st 2022
Participants10 (Full! Accepting Wait List!)

We are proud to offer this one of a kind photographic experience. This workshop will be offered 4 times a year, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Each season offers unique opportunities see below for upcoming dates and more information about special seasonal opportunities. During each workshop we will have two three hour sessions during each session participants will have the opportunity to photograph a total of six birds in flight and six static birds on beautiful perches.

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We will meet at noon the first day of the workshop at Travelodge in Simcoe, Ontario for the short drive to the workshop location. We will shoot that afternoon and return to Simcoe to spend the night. The following morning we will have our second three hour session. You will be on your way home by early afternoon with hundreds of exciting images. We have a block of rooms on hold under Gettle Photography at Travelodge in Simcoe for each workshop. ***Note the Travelodge holds these rooms for our group until 3 weeks before the start of each workshop so please be sure to make your reservations early. Their telephone number is: 519-426-4751

Clients flying in for this fantastic workshop can fly into either Toronto or Buffalo. It is less than a two hour drive from either of these airports to Simcoe.


Winter Session 2022 – Saturday, January 29 & Sunday January 30

During the Winter session we have the opportunity to photograph the Great-Gray Owl (not in flight) and the Snowy Owl in flight which is often unable to fly during other seasons due to warmer temperatures.

Spring Session 2022 – Saturday, May 28 & Sunday, May 29

During the Spring session in addition to some Spring wildflowers,
we often have opportunities to photograph baby owls, and other raptors.

Summer Session 2022 – Saturday, July 16 & Sunday, July 17

The summer session is timed to coincide with the wildflowers that bloom
in the fields where we shoot, cone flowers, brown eyed Susan, milkweed and more

Fall Session 1 2022 – Saturday, October 15 & Sunday, October 16

Of course the Fall session is scheduled to coincide with Fall color.
Depending on temperature we can often bring out the Great-gray Owl,
and maybe fly the Snowy.

Fall Session 2 2021 – Saturday, October 23 & Saturday, October 24

Of course the Fall session is scheduled to coincide with Fall color.
Depending on temperature we can often bring out the Great-gray Owl,
and maybe fly the Snowy.


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This is quite simply an unbelievable opportunity! Imagine having a trained Great Horned Owl, Bald Eagle or other raptor flying back and forth between two perches right in front of your camera over a dozen times. With today’s auto focus cameras and the ability to track a bird in flight you are virtually guaranteed incredible images! Also, it should be noted that a giant telephoto lens is not required to get great images. Nicole and Steve often use an 80-400mm lens on these shoots and very often at the short end (80mm) of the zoom. In addition to the raptors in flight, we will have the opportunity to photograph three static birds. Steve will be putting the same amount of care and artistry to the “setups” for these perched birds as he does for the Howell Nature Center shoots that he has been doing for over a decade.