Macro at Steve and Nicole’s House 2024

StartsMay 1st 2024
EndsSep 30th 2024
Participants6 (You need to be pre-registered for these special events. Follow the link in the description to get on the list!)
16 images

Macro Photography is very weather dependent. These unique workshops will be announced a couple of days ahead of time when the upcoming weather looks promising.

They will be filled on a first come basis. Announcements will be made via our facebook page and by email to people who have signed up to be notified using the form below:

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Participants will learn how to use basic equipment to make images of things in the realm of the small, from the size of a butterfly on down. In the field, you will not only learn about the different equipment used for this type of photography but also some great tips and trick on how to find beautiful dew covered subjects to photograph. Lastly you will learn how to manage depth of field, control the backgrounds, control the light, and other skills needed for this demanding genre of photography.

Students should have a basic understanding of their camera and should bring a tripod as well as either a macro lens, extension tubes and or a diopter for close-up work.

After the field session we will return to our home, The Nature Photography Institute, where we will may shoot some other subjects and have a follow-up discussion to reinforce what was learned in the field. During this time, we may also explore other techniques such as focus-stacking and studio work.

This half-day workshop will wrap up before lunch.