Flight School – Bosque Del Apache

StartsNov 16th 2024
EndsNov 20th 2024
Participants8 (FULL- returning 2025! Email us to be on the pre-announcement list)

Bosque Del Apache is the best location we know for Flight School! In an intensive 3 full days of shooting with classroom and real-time in the field feedback, this workshop is designed to help you develop your flight photography skills.  With tens of thousands of Sandhill Cranes, Snow Geese and other wildlife concentrated at the refuge, we will have hundreds of opportunities to develop and hone these skills. As an added bonus, we timed this workshop to coincide with conditions favorable for night sky photography! New Mexico is an ideal place to photograph the Milky Way.

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Bosque is known for the concentrations of Snow Geese and Sandhill Cranes that spend the winter there. It is a spectacle to behold and amazing to photograph! For this trip, we will have one hotel that we use as our base.

Each morning we will depart early to get in to position for sunrise. After shooting this magical hour, we will work other subjects until the light gets too harsh.

We will then enjoy a late breakfast/early lunch, return to the hotel to download images, hold classroom instruction and provide image review and feedback. We will then head back out for the afternoon session. Each day we will shoot until sunset and then have dinner.

As conditions allow, we will head out at night for Astro Photography. This will be an intensive workshop focused on building and honing your photographic skills.



November 26- Travel Day

Arrive Albuquerque NM. Welcome and orientation in the evening.

2 thru 4

November 27, 28, 29 – Flight School Workshop

Early morning sunrise shoot of Sandhill cranes, Snow geese, swan and more at Bosque. Mid-day break for image review and feedback followed by classroom session, afternoon to sunset shoot. Night astro photography.


November 30 – Wrap up and departure

Wrap up and say farewell. Head to airport for flights home.


Payment schedule
  • Deposit $200 due with registration
  • Balance $975.00 due September 1, 2022
  • Note: cost includes 4 nights lodging double occupancy.
  • Single occupancy please add $400.00.
  • Non-Photographer spouse/partner $400.00.
Not included

Meals and transportation
Vehicle entrance fees
As always we are more than happy to help with rental car shares and roommates etc.

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Bosque del Apache is arguably one of the premiere destinations for flight photography. Throughout this workshop, you will not only experience one of the most amazing wildlife spectacles of North America as you see and hear tens of thousands of Sandhill Cranes and Snow Geese take off and land but also receive hands-on field and classroom instruction and real-time feedback to build and practice your flight photography skills.

Each day, in addition to shooting, we will download images and go into classroom mode for photography classes, image review and critiques to further build your photography skills.

Flight photography is a specialized type of photography. We will of course work the light and practice special exposure and auto-focus optimization techniques specific to this type of photograph. We will also discuss and practice specialized motor skills to find, track and photograph these subjects. We’ll look for creative settings that go beyond the typical flight shots and discuss composing on the fly. Bosque is rich with beautiful landscapes and we will teach you how and where to find unique compositions and subjects. As you hone these skills you will find that they translate to all sorts of other action photography, giving you a great toolkit to expand your photography further.

You will shoot “blast offs” of thousands of birds taking off and landing at once, capture intimate moments of individual birds, and photograph silhouettes of birds in flight as well as interactions and behaviors of various wildlife that congregate here. While we will focus intently on flight photography skills, we will not overlook the other beautiful subjects that Bosque has to offer.

New Mexico has a beautiful night sky. So, as an added bonus, we timed this workshop to coincide with conditions favorable for Astro Photography! So as night falls, we will head out and shoot the Milky Way!

With two instructors you are ensured plenty of one-on-one instruction. Also unlike most Bosque workshops, we include the cost of lodging.