Birds of Prey Model Shoot at The Howell Nature Center

StartsOct 22nd 2022
EndsOct 23rd 2022
Participants45 (Call the Howell Nature Center to Register (517) 546-0249)

You won’t want to miss the amazing photographic opportunities that this incredible photo shoot at the Howell Nature Center has to offer. Imagine being so close to these magnificent birds of prey, that a long lens isn’t even needed to walk away with breathtaking photos of a wide variety of birds!

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There are 7-8 stations set up in the field, each having its own bird and handler. You can walk around at your leisure and take pictures of the birds at their different locations. The bird handler’s also have an important role, as they realize and respect the needs of the photographers, and will work very hard to keep the birds in a photo friendly position while doing the best they can to keep the jesses out of view. They are bonded with and incredibly knowledgeable of the birds they work with, and really enjoy teaching us about these special birds, their background, and all of their quirky individual behaviors or special needs.

These one-day workshops occur 2 times annually. Once in the Fall, once during Winter. Chose Saturday or Sunday (or both). The workshops are limited to 45 participants, spread out between (usually) 8 stations, there is no worry of not being able to get close enough to a bird for your photo.

This event is extremely popular. Bird lovers and photographers come from far and away to take advantage of this amazing photographic opportunity. It is highly recommended that you REGISTER EARLY, as these photo workshops have sold out for the last five years.

The cost to participate is a small donation of $79.00 to the Howell Nature Center. Your registration fee helps support the important work of the Howell Nature Center in their wildlife rehabilitation program.

Your experience will include a multimedia wildlife photography seminar presented by Steve Gettle, a buffet lunch, and an afternoon of taking photographs of some of the most spectacular birds you have ever seen!

Register by calling the Howell Nature Center at 517-546-0249
(Steve and Nicole do not handle registrations for this event)


Winter Shoot March 5 and March 6, 2022 – Register for one or both days

Fall Shoot October 16th and 17th, 2021 – Register for one or both days


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Steve Gettle will present a one hour information packed, and entertaining photography lecture at the start of the day. At the conclusion of his talk, a buffet lunch will be served.

After lunch, we head into the field for our up close and personal experience with amazing photo opportunities with birds like a Bald Eagle, Great-horned Owl, Barn owl, Screech owls (both Red and Grey phase) American Kestrel, and others. Steve Gettle, Nicole Sudduth and Doug Locke (A world class and widely published photographer!) are on hand to answer photography questions and help out in the field. All of the wildlife models at the shoot are unable to be released back into the wild for one reason or another. When they are not modeling for our cameras the birds travel to schools and outdoor events acting as ambassadors to educate the public about raptors

In addition to having this incredible opportunity to photograph these majestic Birds of Prey, they often have rehabilitated mammals like a Porcupine or Opossum for us to photograph as well!

Each year, the Howell Nature Center rehabilitates and releases thousands of injured or orphaned animals back into the wild. These fundraisers are vital to their operations! The Birds of Prey photo shoots are their second largest fundraiser. The Howell Nature Center receives 100% of all funds generated by this event.

Steve and Doug handle all the photographic details of this fundraiser. Therefore, everything is done through the eyes of photographers, for photographers. Every detail, from the texture, shape, size and color of the perch, to the color of the background, to where the light will be during the photo shoot are contributing factors.

Being nature photographers, we see the value of “making” beautiful photographs. We do this by preparing for this event long in advance, spending countless hours driving, visualizing, finding, perfecting, transporting, and setting up picturesque perches that the birds will be photographed on during this event. On a photographic level, it is the incredible amount of thought and close attention to the fine details that put this event into a league of its own. Steve, Nicole and Doug, like most of the people involved in this event volunteer their time to support the good work done by Howell Nature Center.