Yellowstone and the Tetons

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The Greater Yellowstone Area has been called the Serengeti of North America. It is home to large herds of majestic grazing animals, as well as the predators that prey on them. When you add to that the raw scenic beauty you have a truly epic place. Unlike most tours ours is a full nine days. In addition, we will be working from three distinct geographic locations. By having more time and working the park more efficiently we have richer wildlife encounters and a more rewarding experience.

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Attendees should plan on arriving in West Yellowstone on Friday the 28th. Spend some time exploring the park on your own before meeting us for dinner that night. If you cannot make it in time to meet us for dinner, we will have our first shoot starting on the morning of Saturday September 29th. After Three nights here we will travel down and explore the scenic beauty of The Tetons for three days. We will then head back into Yellowstone to spend the last three nights in Gardiner MT. From here we will explore the Northern section of Yellowstone.

As always we will be happy to help you coordinate both roommates as well as rental car sharing wherever possible for attendees.


Day 1

September 28 Travel Fly into Bozeman Montana

Arrive West Yellowstone

Days 2 thru 4

September 28 thru 30 West Yellowstone

We will start our tour exploring the western and southern sections of Yellowstone that include iconic locations like Old Faithful, the Geyser Basins, Madison, the Hayden Valley, and West Thumb areas. One of the highlights of this area will be large herds of elk near (and hopefully in) the fog enshrouded Madison River. These large animals will be in rut this time of year and photographing their courtship behavior is something everyone should experience.

On September 31, we will spend the morning in West Yellowstone areas and travel to Jackson Hole in time for the evening shoot.

Days 5 thru 7

October 1 thru 3 Jackson Hole and The Grand Tetons

The Tetons, with their scenic beauty and raw majesty, are the focal point of this part of the trip. We have timed our visit to coincide with peak color which should yield stunning landscapes. In terms of wildlife, a few species that we hope to photograph here include moose, bear, pronghorn antelope and possibly even the Great Gray Owl.

On October 3rd, we will spend the morning exploring Jackson Hole and then move to the Gardiner area in time for an evening shoot.

Days 8 thru 10

October 4 thru 6 Gardiner Montana

The Northern section of Yellowstone has its own unique flavor. With epic locations such as Lamar Valley, Mammoth Hot springs, and the bear infested Tower region. This will also be our best opportunity to photograph Bighorn Sheep, pika and large herds of Elk in the sagebrush flats.

Checkout on October 6 drive to Bozeman for flight home.


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The Lamar Valley, Mammoth Hot Springs, Old Faithful, The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, the Tetons, each of these is a destination onto itself. Yellowstone and the Tetons are indeed very big places with a lot of different things to photograph, from all the amazing wildlife opportunities to the waterfalls, geothermal features, and of course the scenic beauty of the parks. There is simply a lot to see and photograph in the area. For this reason we have designed this trip with nine full days to see and explore the parks.

Having been to the area over a dozen times, this trip coincides with our absolute favorite time of the year to be in the parks. At this time of year most of the tourists have left the parks, the cottonwood will be in full color, the valleys will be echoing with the call of majestic bull elk, and the bighorn sheep should be low enough on Mount Kill-a-Photographer to warrant a walk up to photograph them. At this time we may even have a picturesque dusting of snow to add drama to our Teton scenics.