Kenya – The Great Migration 2024

StartsAug 9th 2024
EndsAug 20th 2024
LeaderSteve Gettle & Nicole Sudduth
Participants7 (Full - Send us an email to get on the 2025 pre-announce list)

The Great Migration is one of the most spectacular shows on earth. With over 1.5 million Wildebeests, 400,000 zebras and many more species following the paths of their ancestors, this remains one of the oldest and largest mammal migrations of the planet. Journey with us to the Mara and witness the crossing of the Mara River. Watch Reticulated Giraffes feed on acacia and traverse the iconic hills and plains of the Serengeti. Enjoy lions playing, teaching young and building bonds. Be in the presence of Rhinos with incredible horns– untouched, as they were meant to be. This is the place of epic memories and stunning moments that unfurl across an unfettered plain.

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Going to Africa and experiencing the epic wildlife that live there is a once in a lifetime experience and you definitely want to do it right! We will meet you at Nairobi airport and take care of everything from there!

We picked the best locations, timing, guides, and accommodations to give you that trip of a lifetime experience that you are looking for. We have structured the itinerary to maximize your time in the field, enabling you to experience life with the majestic animals that call this place home and create images under the best circumstances possible. Wild experiences and amazing memories await!

Our Lodges: After visiting many different lodges and locations, we hand-picked these particular lodges based on their proximity to our shooting locations, comfort level, security, services offered, cleanliness, as well as the various types and frequency of wildlife and nature photographic opportunities they offer. We stay at small luxury boutique lodges rather than the big impersonal hotel chains. Our lodges give you that real, old world luxury experience that you have dreamt about. Our lodges are in the wild habitat where you may enjoy a herd of zebras passing through, listen to the roar of a lion in the night. Get ready to experience the heart of the Mara and the wilds of Africa!

Our vehicles – Safari Seating for the Photographer: Critical to any photography trip to Africa is the safari seating and we put this front and center. Unlike many overcrowded safari vehicles, we only have three photographers per vehicle. This is the make or break between having a great wildlife experience and one where you are climbing over others to see and make beautiful photos. You will have a full row to yourself. This gives you room for your gear and more importantly, full access to shoot out of each side of the vehicle, maximizing your photographic opportunities. You don’t ever have to worry about missing photographic opportunities because you are on the wrong side!

Our Driver Guides: We have special long-term relationships with the driver guides for our vehicles. They not only know the different locations that we will visit but also and understand the wildlife and their behaviors. In addition, they understand and know our needs as photographers and position us for the best experiences, best light and best photographs possible. All of our guides are hand-picked.

***Non-photographer spouses or partners: The memories you create and experiences you have on a trip like this are unforgettable and wonderful to share! Non-photographer spouses/partners have the option for an $895.00 discount to either share your row or ride up front with the driver on game drives. When in the front seat with the driver, they will certainly see everything and be able to photograph most things out the roof.


Travel Day

Thursday, August 8:
Departure from home

Day 1

Friday, August 9:
Arrive in Nairobi. Private transfer to our hotel for an overnight.

Day 2

Saturday, August 10:
After an early morning breakfast, we head to Samburu National Park for our first photographic adventure. We will stay for the next few nights at a luxury tented camp in Samburu.

Day 3

Sunday, August 11:
Morning and afternoon game drives in Samburu National Park.

Day 4

Monday, August 12:
Morning and afternoon game drives in Samburu National Park.

Day 5

Tuesday, August 13:
After an early morning game drive in Samburu, we will depart for Aberdare Country Club, our base for the next two nights. Enroute we will stop for lunch and the chance to photograph Colobus monkeys – with their long white tails!

Day 6

Wednesday, August 14:
Morning and afternoon game drives at a private sanctuary reserve where Rhinos are the stars!

Day 7

Thursday, August 15:
Following an early morning breakfast, we will depart for Bogoria National Reserve. Enjoy photographing and watching the behaviors of millions of Flamingos! Overnight at an exquisite lodge that sits on cliffs overlooking Lake Baringo.

Day 8

Friday, August 16:
Morning aquatic bird photography as we explore Lake Baringa by boat. Hippos, kingfishers, Fish eagles and more call this area home.

Day 9

Saturday, August 17:
Early morning bird photography then depart for the Masai Mara. We will enjoy a game drive as we head to our lodge: a luxury tent camp deep in the heart of the Mara. This is Africa!

Day 10

Sunday, August 18:
Morning and afternoon game drives in the Mara

Day 11

Monday, August 19:
Morning and afternoon game drives in the Mara

Day 12

Tuesday, August 20:
Early morning game drive and then back to camp before we head back to Nairobi where we will catch our flights home.

Travel Day

Wednesday, August 21:
Arrive home with an amazing array of wild memories!


Payment schedule

Deposit of $1,000 with registration
Payment #2 of $5,500 due February 1, 2024
Final Payment of $4,000 due on May 1, 2024

* Pricing based on double occupancy
*** Single supplement (if available) add $1500

* Non-photographer spouse/partner (sharing a seat or riding up front with the driver) discount of $895

– All lodging while in Kenya
– All meals
– All ground transportation
– All safari treks and guides
– All park entrance fees

Not included

– Air travel to and from Nairobi
– Gratuities
– Travel Insurance
– Any alcoholic beverages

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A trip to Kenya is unlike any other. Heart-pounding photographic experiences and wildlife encounters explode at every location. With the Great Migration at its heart, this trip will take you into the wilds of Kenya where food is plentiful and wildlife thrive. One of the things we enjoy most about Kenya is the opportunity to make images of wildlife as part of this iconic landscape. Kenya is exciting and unique.

Imagine being in the midst of over two million wildebeest, zebras and gazelles as they move across the Masai Mara and ultimately cross the Mara River. Enjoy watching a herd of giraffe amble across the landscape nipping acacia trees and interacting with one another. Witness a family of elephants teach their young, bathe and play with sticks. Enjoy Rhinos as they walk through the forest and plains just feet from our vehicle and see their enormous horns as nature meant them to be. Watch a pride of lions as cubs chase each other and pounce and play in the grasses. Let the dizzying sight of over a million flamingos fill your eyes. These are just a few of the scenes that play out across this land.
We designed this tour to immerse you in the best opportunities to experience and photograph the iconic wildlife spectacles that Kenya is known for.

We start our tour in Samburu, an area that gives us first encounters with Reticulated Giraffes, Gerenuk (a graceful long-necked antelope that stands on two legs to feed), the endangered Grevy’s zebra, over 350 species of birds, great opportunities to see the “Big Cats”, and so much more.

From here we head to a private reserve that has the highest population of Rhinos in Kenya. You will see family groups and small herds interacting with each other. Amongst these great animals live giraffes, cape buffalo, eland, waterbuck, warthogs, leopards, lions and more.

Our next destination is Lake Bogoria where over 1.3 million Flamingos flock to feed. This is a wildlife spectacle not to be missed! At this location you will use virtually every lens in your bag, from wide-angle “bird-scapes” to tight flight shots.

Next, we head to Lake Baringa where we will photograph kingfishers, wading birds, hippos and other wildlife by boat. We should also have great opportunities to photograph Fish Eagles as they hunt.

For our grand finale, we head to the Mara River for the great migration and wildebeest crossing! For as far as the eye can see, wildebeests, zebras and gazelles by the millions stretch across the land, funneling into the crossings. Unlike some Safaris, we will have the opportunity to photograph the crossing from either side of the Mara River. Our guides will be sure to have us in the best position to capture the action as the drive for fresh grass on the other side pulls the wildebeest into the water. What a show, as the wildebeests leap through the water hoping to avoid the ever-waiting crocodiles.

In addition to the crossing, the Masai Mara is loaded with the predators that live off the herds. This is a time of plenty when life is easy. We were surprised to see how relaxed and playful the lions seemed here. Of course, this makes for some great photo ops and fabulous memories!