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High Speed Photography Moth in Flight

  Finally got my new Cognisys Insect Rig (More on this in a future post!) for photographing insects in flight all dialed in. It combines all of my favorite things, high-speed flash, a dual laser triggering system, and an electromagnetic shutter that decreases shutter lag to 5 miliseconds! This “teddy bear” moth just makes me…
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Ruby-throated Hummingbird

I have had this image in my head for a few years. This was certainly the most challenging hummingbird setup I have ever tried to pull off. It took me three days to get the birds to accept all of the elements required to make this image. Then it was just a matter of getting…
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Get Involved in a Camera Club  -  1

If someone were to ask me what has made the biggest impact on my photography to date. I would have to say, “Getting involved in a camera club.” At the time (over twenty years ago) I had been shooting for a while and thought I had some skills. At least that is what all of…
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Put the Hammer Down

This is a Three-toed Sloth. Once a week they descend from their home in the trees to use the restroom on the ground. We were very lucky to find this fellow just as he was beginning his journey to the jungle floor. As he came down the main trunk he took a wrong turn onto…
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Africa is Awesome  -  2

Finally got some time to look through some Africa images here is one of my favorites. I really love the shear drama of this image, which shows a lioness working to separate a calf from its mother in the Ngorongoro Crater. It is so amazing and such a privilege to have life and death struggles…
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Photo Tip: Secondary Elements

When I made this week’s image of a dancing Sage Grouse I chose to include a second out of focus Grouse in my composition. This does a couple of important things for this image. First, Sage Grouse are a fairly round element which can leave a lot of empty space in a rectangular frame. The…
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Photo Tip: Visual Echoes

According to Google the second definition for the word echo is: A close parallel or repetition of an idea, feeling, style, or event. Whenever possible I like to incorporate what I call visual echoes into my work. In the included image the main subject of the photograph is the relationship and similarities between the two…
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Photo of the Week: Quality Time

  A few years back I had the privilege of spending some real quality time with a sandhill crane family. I have photographed cranes on the nest on several different occasions but this situation was about as good as I could imagine. The nest was located in Kensington Metro Park (a park very close to…
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Photo Tip: A Moments Reflection

  When I look at this image I remember the day it was made. I remember where I was, who I was with, even what lens I used. I remember how it was one of those magic mornings when everything was still and quiet and perfect. It was the kind of morning where you could…
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New Article

Just had an article on the “yin and yang” of photography posted on the Hunts Photo Video blog Check it out here:
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