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June 14, 2019

An Unexpected Family – Sandhill Cranes raise baby goose

This spring, here in Michigan, something quite unexpected happened. It started out as it always does in early April with the sandhill cranes preparing their nest.  A week later, they laid their first egg then a second egg appeared.  The devoted parents incubated both eggs and in early May the first egg hatched. This is…
February 16, 2019

Ecuador Photo Tour Trip Report 2018

Ecuador Photo Tour Ah Ecuador! From the cloud forest of the Tandayapa Valley to the foothills of Sumaco Volcano and into the depth of the Amazon, this was a fun trip! Seven intrepid travelers joined us for the main part of this adventure, while five continued on with us for the extension into the Amazon.…
February 1, 2019

Winter Photography

Not sure if you have noticed it or not, but the weather around here lately has been, well… a bit challenging. Super cold and a bit of snow. This is when a lot of nature photographers move inside, stop shooting and work on images or do some other indoor tasks – big mistake! I would…
March 30, 2018

Your Photographic Rootball

Around here, Red-winged Blackbirds have been back for a few weeks, Spring Peepers fill the nights with their song, and before long, Round-lobed Hepatica will be pushing up through leaf litter. These are all signs that Spring is in the air here in Michigan. Spring is an exciting and busy time for most nature photographers.…
March 6, 2018

Big News!

I have big news! It is my great pleasure to introduce you all to Nicole Sudduth. I am beyond happy to announce that Nicole is on her way to join me here in Michigan where we will become partners in every way. In addition to being an amazing woman, Nicole is an avid traveler and…
October 30, 2017

Realizing your Creative Vision

The simple act of pushing the shutter button to make a picture changes the scene. When we make an image, the camera compresses our three-dimensional world into two dimensions. It freezes a single moment in time forever. Understanding this fact is the first step to becoming a true photographer. As photographers, we make many conscious…
June 4, 2017

Creating Stunning Reflections in Photography

As a photographer I find reflections to be a fun and artistic tool, offering many creative possibilities. For this reason, I am always excited when the opportunity arises for me to include them in my compositions. From the viewers perspective, reflections add interest to images by challenging their visual perception. Being a nature photographer, the…
April 21, 2017

Costa Rica 2017

Just returned from back to back tours in Costa RicaI I was lucky to have two really great, fun groups! As always we worked very hard from dawn to dusk making tens of thousands of images of all the magnificent Costa Rican subjects. My personal favorite from the trip is the very graphic image of…
January 21, 2017

The Margay

This beautiful cat is the Margay. On my last trip to Costa Rica myself as well as part of my group were very fortunate to get to spend some quality time with this graceful creature Perfectly adapted for it’s life in the trees… yes the trees, this mostly arboreal cat has the unique ability to…
November 14, 2016

Top Ten Nature Photographers in the World?

Probably not lol… But it is nice to have someone besides my mother notice, thanks mom! Thanks also to Best Nature Photographers in the World List It is an honor to be included with such a great group of photographers.