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I was able to get out in the woods a couple of days ago and photograph one of my very favorite Spring wildflowers Round-lobed Hepatica. These delicate beauties are one of the first to make an appearance here in Michigan and for me, they signal the official opening of the Spring photography season. Having photographed…
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Archerfish Hunting  -  4

This is is the Archerfish from Asia. These amazing fish have the unusual habit of feeding on land-based insects. Even more unique is their method of hunting their chosen prey. They spit a powerful jet of water at their dinner knocking it from overhanging foliage into the water, where the fish quickly gobbles them up!…
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Photographing Flying Squirrels with High Speed Flash  -  5

Flying Squirrels are fairly common, although seldom seen members of the rodent family. The Southern Flying Squirrel is found throughout the Eastern half of the United States. The Northern version is only found in the Northern most tier of states and in Canada. One of the biggest challenges of this project was attracting, and training…
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Flying Squirrel Landing

I have to say I think Flying Squirrels are quite possibly the cutest mammal in Michigan! Although “flying” squirrel is not quite accurate. These animals are not capable of actually powered flight like birds and bats. Instead they glide like a paper airplane on a membrane of skin called a patagium. This membrane runs from…
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Firefly in Flight

And… Now for something completely different! This is (I believe) a firefly in flight. I created this image with the help of the Cognisys Insect Rig. Which combined with a dual laser beam trigger system, a high-speed electro-magnetic shutter, and high-speed flashes makes creating images like this possible. The camera’s shutter is left open on…
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“Final Approach” Flying Squirrel

I have been working on this image for about 6 months now. Nearly all of that time was spent attracting the squirrels, and then subsequently training them to go where I would be able to photograph them. It has been a fun and challenging project and this is from the first night I spent actually…
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Four Simple Steps to Improve your Photography

Photo Tip: Four simple things anyone can do to become a better photographer. Your photography is your art and as such there are no rules. But, here are a few very simple things you can do to immediately improve your photographs. Fill the frame: Get closer, empty space in the frame just pulls the viewers…
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Detroit Performs Feature

I was very honored to have my work and myself featured on the PBS television show Detroit Performs. Special thanks to Sarah Zientarski-Smith Producer, Editor, Interviewer, and Storyteller extraordinaire, and Chad Schwartzenberger Videographer, who’s artistry and vision are very much apparent throughout the video.
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The Cognisys Sabre  -  3

I finally got a chance to go out and play with my new Cognisys Sabre. The Sabre is a camera trigger that uses a LIDAR (light and radar) based sensor which emits a pulse of light and then measures the time it takes to return. When something breaks the beam it fires the camera. One…
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High Speed Photography – Bullfrog

I have had this image in my head for quite some time. The first step was to build the stage for our star “Billy Bullfrog”. A trip to the local swamp with a couple five gallon pails was required to collect all of the materials for the set. A lovely moss covered rock would be…
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