Photo of the Week: Bighorn Sheep

This shot was made in Yellowstone a couple of years back. Each time I visit Yellowstone I make at least one trip up what I like to call Mount Killaphotographer to photograph this herd of about twenty-five sheep. Killaphotographer is located just inside the North entrance of Yellowstone near the town of Gardiner. Usually at…
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Costa Rica Trip Participant Gallery

Had a great group of photographers on this last Costa Rica tour. Here is a link to a gallery showcasing some of their excellent work.

Photo Tip Friday: Extension tubes they’re not just for macro photography

This portrait of a wild bald eagle was made on the Homer Spit in Alaska. While he was wild he was an eagle that had spent a lot of time in this tourist town and was therefore habituated to the presence of people. A situation I am always on the lookout for. But even with…
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Photo of the Week: Eyelash Viper

This is a beautiful Eyelash Viper on a Heliconia flower. These snakes will often stake out these flowers waiting for an unsuspecting hummingbird to feed on the flower’s nectar. I had a friend hold up a black cloth for the background. Which really celebrates the graphic nature of this composition. Good Luck and Good Light!…
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Photo of the Week: Death in the Tall Grass

  Here is another favorite from my recent trip to Tanzania. This little Gazelle is just a few days old. We were lucky enough to see pretty much this whole hunt from beginning to end. Although we were not in the best position to photograph the final chase, I did get some shots but they…
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Workshop and Photo Tours

I am very excited to announce that I have posted my 2015 Photo Tour and Workshop schedule. Some of the highlights include, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Fall Color in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and introducing a new small group macro photography workshop at my home. Good Luck and Good Light! Steve
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Photo Tip Reducing Flare

It is really fun to make dramatic silhouettes like this shot of a red-winged blackbird in song. One of the challenges of making an image like this is dealing with flare. Flare is highlights created by the bright light of the light source reflecting off the elements within your lens. Flare will show up as…
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Photo of the Week: Wood Duck Pair

To be completely honest I never really know how to feel about this image. Sometimes I look at it and I really like it, feeling it is different and unique. Other times I look at it and feel it is a little gaudy and over the top. What is going on in this image is…
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Photo of the Week: Sorting Things Out

I just love when I can get great behavior shots. It is fairly easy to get pleasing portraits of our subjects. But shots like this really tell a story. While it certainly looks intimidating, most of this kind of behavior between wolves is just bluffing and posturing. They have a definite pecking order within the…
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I have just returned from an amazing trip to Africa. Like many people I have been on many an armchair safari in my family room, experiencing the sights and sounds on television. But to actually be there in the heart of it all was, well… epic. It was truly an unforgettable and amazing adventure. I…
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