June 21, 2016

Four Simple Steps to Improve your Photography

Photo Tip: Four simple things anyone can do to become a better photographer. Your photography is your art and as such there are no rules. But, here are a few very simple things you can do to immediately improve your photographs. Fill the frame: Get closer, empty space in the frame just pulls the viewers…
June 11, 2016

Detroit Performs Feature

I was very honored to have my work and myself featured on the PBS television show Detroit Performs. Special thanks to Sarah Zientarski-Smith Producer, Editor, Interviewer, and Storyteller extraordinaire, and Chad Schwartzenberger Videographer, who’s artistry and vision are very much apparent throughout the video.
May 20, 2016

Toucan Hot Tub

When I first came upon this cavity in the jungle with a Yellow-throated Toucan hanging around. I assumed it was a nest cavity. Imagine my surprise when I returned later and discovered that it was in fact a jungle Toucan hot tub! I spent the next couple of hours watching 4 or 5 Toucans come…
March 29, 2016

Costa Rica

Just returned from back to back sold out Costa Rica Photo Tours. Thanks to all the participants! I was very fortunate to have two excellent groups. Both tours were filled with great fun photographers. Here are a few highlights from the trips. First and foremost the Resplendent Quetzal, a truly amazing bird. Thought by many…
March 2, 2016

The Cognisys Sabre

I finally got a chance to go out and play with my new Cognisys Sabre. The Sabre is a camera trigger that uses a LIDAR (light and radar) based sensor which emits a pulse of light and then measures the time it takes to return. When something breaks the beam it fires the camera. One…
February 24, 2016

Light Painting Red-eyed Treefrogs

I am leaving soon for back to back Costa Rica Photo Tours. I had to remember to bring a powerful flashlight to light paint the nocturnal Red-eyed Treefrogs we will be photographing. A flashlight? Light paint? Huh… why not flash? We do not use flash because it is thought that repeated exposure to flash can…
February 19, 2016

Speke’s Weaver Building Nest

This is a Speke’s Weaver in the beginning stages of nest construction. These birds nest in large colonies. The male weaves the nest from grass in an Acacia tree. Then uses his “new house” to try to attract and win a mate. If the female does not like his efforts she destroys the nest and…
February 12, 2016

Friday Photo Tip: The Chess Game

One of the things I love about nature photography is what I like to call “the chess game”. Whenever I am photographing a wild subject I try to get in it’s head and anticipate what it is going to do next. By trying to stay one step ahead of my subject I can be sure…
February 8, 2016

Making Photographs

Snapshot- An informal photograph taken quickly. Snapshots are not my intent. I am a photographer, I want to make photographs. Cameras, lenses, filters, flash, aperture, shutter speed, these are some of the tools of my trade. I use these tools to create the images I have in my head. More importantly, I make conscious choices…
December 21, 2015

High Speed Photography – Bullfrog

I have had this image in my head for quite some time. The first step was to build the stage for our star “Billy Bullfrog”. A trip to the local swamp with a couple five gallon pails was required to collect all of the materials for the set. A lovely moss covered rock would be…