Caterpillars  -  4

While attending Mothapalooza the last couple of years I saw the work of Sam Jaffe of the Caterpillar Lab and became interested in trying to photograph these amazing creatures. As luck would have it a couple of weeks ago I was invited to attend a smaller satellite Caterpillar event put on by many of the…
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The People of Peru  -  2

Well it has been a whirlwind of travel and adventures lately. From Peru, to Colorado, then Mothapalooza in Ohio (google it lol) then Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands, and most recently The Smoky Mountains for the eclipse, which was breathtaking! I am so fortunate to be able to experience different places and cultures around the world.…
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Creating Stunning Reflections in Photography

As a photographer I find reflections to be a fun and artistic tool, offering many creative possibilities. For this reason, I am always excited when the opportunity arises for me to include them in my compositions. From the viewers perspective, reflections add interest to images by challenging their visual perception. Being a nature photographer, the…
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Costa Rica 2017  -  2

Just returned from back to back tours in Costa RicaI I was lucky to have two really great, fun groups! As always we worked very hard from dawn to dusk making tens of thousands of images of all the magnificent Costa Rican subjects. My personal favorite from the trip is the very graphic image of…
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Photo tip – Consider the Background

Whenever I am shooting I always consider the background of my image. I search for situations like this, where I can isolate my subject against a nice clean background. So, when a flock of Sulpher Winged Parakeets descended on this apple tree in Costa Rica for a little snack. I quickly dismissed all the birds…
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The Margay  -  1

This beautiful cat is the Margay. On my last trip to Costa Rica myself as well as part of my group were very fortunate to get to spend some quality time with this graceful creature Perfectly adapted for it’s life in the trees… yes the trees, this mostly arboreal cat has the unique ability to…
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Hunting Coyote

Just back from a week with an awesome group in Yellowstone and the Tetons. We had many great opportunities with Coyote. It seems to me that since the reintroduction of the Wolf the Coyote seem to be much more active during the daylight hours? I believe the Wolves must own the night. Quick tip… If…
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Top Ten Nature Photographers in the World?  -  1

Probably not lol… But it is nice to have someone besides my mother notice, thanks mom! Thanks also to Best Nature Photographers in the World List It is an honor to be included with such a great group of photographers.
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Archerfish Hunting  -  4

This is is the Archerfish from Asia. These amazing fish have the unusual habit of feeding on land-based insects. Even more unique is their method of hunting their chosen prey. They spit a powerful jet of water at their dinner knocking it from overhanging foliage into the water, where the fish quickly gobbles them up!…
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Photographing Flying Squirrels with High Speed Flash  -  5

Flying Squirrels are fairly common, although seldom seen members of the rodent family. The Southern Flying Squirrel is found throughout the Eastern half of the United States. The Northern version is only found in the Northern most tier of states and in Canada. One of the biggest challenges of this project was attracting, and training…
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