Wolves! They are one of Yellowstone’s most iconic species and something we are always on the lookout for during any trip to the park, especially during the Winter season. We certainly don’t see them on every visit and most encounters are fleeting. Following, is the story of one of our most epic encounters… so far!…
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It looks like we all may soon be able to travel again soon! With that in mind Nicole and I thought we would share a recent interview we did for a travel site. We were asked about our strategies for packing our gear. Since this is something we are regularly asked about we thought we…
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Wild Planet Photo Magazine Features Steve  -  1

Super honored to have been interviewed for Wild Planet Photo Magazine. To read the text please click on each page for a full size view Good Luck and Good light! Steve
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I was able to get out in the woods a couple of days ago and photograph one of my very favorite Spring wildflowers Round-lobed Hepatica. These delicate beauties are one of the first to make an appearance here in Michigan and for me, they signal the official opening of the Spring photography season. Having photographed…
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Ecuador Photo Tour Trip Report 2019  -  1

Ecuador – Wow what a great trip! We’ve been on the go since this trip and are finally home for a bit and wanted to share the highlights of our recent Birds of Ecuador Photo Tour.  It is such a pleasure to visit and photograph in such a subject rich environment. We fined tuned our…
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Two Free Webinars

I will be teaching two webinars for The North American Nature Photography Association this March. Unlike most of their webinars which are open to members only, they have agreed to open these two up to the general public. But space is limited and you must register early to get a spot. The first “Caught in…
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Ah! Newfoundland. This island is affectionately known by locals as “the rock”.  With amazing wildlife spectacles and rugged beauty of the landscape, this is one of our favorite destinations in North America. This year, we led two back to back trips, and they did not disappoint.  Like most of North America, spring was running behind…
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An Unexpected Family – Sandhill Cranes raise baby goose  -  10

This spring, here in Michigan, something quite unexpected happened. It started out as it always does in early April with the sandhill cranes preparing their nest.  A week later, they laid their first egg then a second egg appeared.  The devoted parents incubated both eggs and in early May the first egg hatched. This is…
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Monarch Photo Tour Trip Report 2019

Monarch Butterfly Lovers from across the USWow! What a trip! We just got back from the mountains of Mexico where we spent time enjoying and photographing millions of Monarch butterflies! These are the Monarchs that flew from our yards last fall, traveling 3000+ miles, to overwinter in Mexico before returning north this spring to lay…
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Photographing Silhouettes Ebook  -  2

Get your free copy Nicole and I are excited to release our all new free ebook “Creating Silhouettes”. In this book we cover everything from finding subjects and situations that make great silhouette photographs, to how to meter and process your silhouette images. You can get your free copy: “Creating Silhouettes” Good Luck and Good…
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