28 February 2020

Ecuador Photo Tour Trip Report 2019

Ecuador – Wow what a great trip! We’ve been on the go since this trip and are finally home for a bit and wanted to share the highlights of our recent Birds of Ecuador Photo Tour.  It is such a pleasure to visit and photograph in such a subject rich environment.

We fined tuned our trip with a longer stay at a new lodge that we had visited the previous year. This lodge was simply amazing and is designed by photographers for photographers.

Ecuador is unique in that it has different bird species on different sides of the Andes mountains and at different elevations.  So, to take advantage of this, we moving up and down the mountains to get the greatest variety of birds.

At our first lodge, in addition to some high-speed hummingbird photography, we had other great birds like Rufous Motmots, Crimson-rumped Toucanets and Red-headed Barbets.

From this location we took a field trip to our favorite spot for photographing tanagers. It is basically a feeder set up in the jungle that only a few lucky photographers and all the birds know about.

Next, we went to our new favorite Ecuador location for bird photography. The owner of this lodge is not only a photographer but also was a bird guide for 30 years. He incorporated everything he knew from this experience into the location that he created. In addition to being an epic location for high speed flash, he also has a great set of blinds for photography.

A few nights and visits to other locations at lower elevations rounded out our tour.

We just opened up registration for our Birds of Ecuador Photography Tour for this year. We would love to have you join us!

For an idea of the images that you may be able to take on this photo tour with us, check out our client gallery.

Good Luck and Good Light!

Steve and Nicole