17 February 2020

Two Free Webinars

I will be teaching two webinars for The North American Nature Photography Association this March. Unlike most of their webinars which are open to members only, they have agreed to open these two up to the general public. But space is limited and you must register early to get a spot.

The first “Caught in Motion” is all about using natural light to photograph action from birds in flight to animals on the move. We will cover auto-focus optimization, achieving focus-lock, specialized equipment and so much more.

This session will take place on Tuesday March 3rd at 8:00 PM EST.

Register for “Caught in Motion”

The second “Frozen Moments” will show you how to use off-the-shelf flash equipment for true high speed stop action photography. This program will show you just how accessible this exciting type of photography really is. From tiny hummingbirds frozen in flight, to frogs and even insects on the wing, you will learn all of the inside secrets!

This session will take place Tuesday March 10th at 8:00 PM EST.

Register for “Frozen Moments”

We also have some great door prizes for these webinars including; ThinkTank Rain covers, $100- Hunt’s Photo Gift certificates, a ProMediaGear gimbal head, and a Cognisys Sabre camera trigger for the sessions