24 November 2019


Ah! Newfoundland. This island is affectionately known by locals as “the rock”.  With amazing wildlife spectacles and rugged beauty of the landscape, this is one of our favorite destinations in North America.

This year, we led two back to back trips, and they did not disappoint.  Like most of North America, spring was running behind here and we got to experience wildflowers like lupine, pinkster azalea and bunchberry in peak bloom. But of course the real stars of this trip are the wildlife.

Tons of great pictures were made by our participants.
You can check out our Client Gallery here.

Our journey begins on the north coast where we visited one of the largest puffin colonies in the area. These charming birds put on quite a show.

Between our two groups, we experienced all the different lighting conditions – from bright sun to dense fog and were able to photograph everything from head shots to behaviors at the burrows to flight and courtship.

While in the area, we were pleased to hear that the local fox den was occupied. Everyone was able to get great images of this beautiful family.

Once again our groups were both treated to unprecedented nice weather on the cape.

From here we headed south to visit the largest Gannet rookery in north America.

With well over 100,000 birds, this was definitely a target rich environment.

In addition to all the gannets, this place plays host to murres, razorbills and kittiwakes.

2020 was certainly the year of the fox for us, as there was a very acclimated fox den at this location as well.

We were privileged to spend many hours watching and photographing this family as the kits ran and played across the tundra.

While we were here, our contacts informed us that the capelin had started running so we jetted off to do some whale watching.  Both groups enjoyed active feeding and breeching and our second group had over 100 whales in one of the bays off of St. Johns. It was an amazing spectacle.

We ended each trip with a boat ride into witless bay. Here we witnessed puffins, murres, guillemots and razorbills on their feeding grounds as well as large colonies that nest on Gull island. In addition to the birds, we enjoyed some up close personal whale watching with fin back, minkie and humpback whales boat side.

Running some quick numbers, we estimate that across our two trips,16 photographer clients created well over 150,000 images! This location is target rich!

The Rock” ?!?! Indeed it rocks!  We are excited to share this amazing location again in 2020!

We are doing two back to back trips again – check your calendar for either June 25-30 or July 2-7. We hope you can join us!

To get an idea of the type of imagery you can create on this trip, be sure to check out our client gallery. There were some excellent photos taken on this trip! Plus we had really fun times together!

Good Luck and Good Light,

Enjoy nature’s wonders!

Steve and Nicole