06 March 2018

Big News!

I have big news! It is my great pleasure to introduce you all to Nicole Sudduth. I am beyond happy to announce that Nicole is on her way to join me here in Michigan where we will become partners in every way. In addition to being an amazing woman, Nicole is an avid traveler and nature photographer.

A few of you have already had the pleasure of traveling with Nicole and me and have come to love her enthusiasm, bright spirit and genuine warmth. Those of you who have not yet traveled with us will start to get to know her through her nature and wildlife inspired posts here and on our blog.

I am very excited for you all to get to know her and care about her as I do.

Good Luck and Good LIFE!


  • So enjoyed the Smokies workshop with you and Nicole and Marie Joabar.
    Your enthusiasm was contagious and I hope to join you once again some day.
    Sky Richardson

  • I enjoyed learning about professional wildlife photography in the Smokys with you and Nicole this spring. I had never been to Tennessee, photographed bear cubs or bears. I am concidering upgrading my equipment and joining you, Nicole and our other friends on other adventures.


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