15 July 2016

Firefly in Flight


And… Now for something completely different!
This is (I believe) a firefly in flight. I created this image with the help of the Cognisys Insect Rig. Which combined with a dual laser beam trigger system, a high-speed electro-magnetic shutter, and high-speed flashes makes creating images like this possible.
The camera’s shutter is left open on bulb with the high-speed shutter mounted on the front of the lens. When the insect breaks both laser beams which are crossed in front of the lens. It fires the flashes and opens the shutter in less than 5 milliseconds, making the exposure.
Pretty crazy huh?… Crazy Cool!!!

Good Luck and Good Light!

Image: Firefly? in Flight, Brighton, MI
Nikon D600, 105 Macro, 1 Second @ f22, ISO 200, High-speed flash @ 1/64th power, Cognisys Insect Rig