21 June 2016

Four Simple Steps to Improve your Photography


Photo Tip: Four simple things anyone can do to become a better photographer.

Your photography is your art and as such there are no rules. But, here are a few very simple things you can do to immediately improve your photographs.

Fill the frame: Get closer, empty space in the frame just pulls the viewers eye away from your subject. If your subject is moving give it some room for the action to happen. But in most cases empty space is a bad thing.

Watch your background: A cluttered background is a distraction to your viewer. The eye is drawn to the brightest thing in the frame. If that is a bright highlight in your background it is going to pull the eye away from your subject.

Remove visual clutter: Anything that doesn’t add to your message detracts from it. A great photographer knows what to leave out of the frame. Simple elegant clean images are often the most powerful.

Shoot what you are passionate about: I make photographs of the natural world because I love nature. I think it is fascinating and I love showing people the things I see. I hope that passion comes through in my work. Shoot what you are passionate share your love with the world be it, portraits, sports, babies, trees, whatever. Your work will reflect that passion.

Good Luck and Good Light!

Image: Magnificent Hummingbird Feeding at Flower, San Gerardo De Dota, Costa Rica.
Nikon D4S, 200-400mm 1/200th @ f16, ISO 200, High-Speed Flash 15% crop for final composition