02 October 2015

Friday Photo Tip: Set the Mood


I just love the quiet peaceful mood of this image. There are many factors that help to create that mood. First and most obvious is the restful pose of the birds. Secondly, the beautiful warm late afternoon light, which accentuates the warm tones of the birds and golden grasses reflected in the still water. Lastly, I chose to make this image laying on the shore with my lens inches above the water because this puts the viewer at birds-eye level. This very low perspective lends an intimacy to the image that would not be achieved from a higher perspective.

Try to make conscious decisions about what you want your image to say before you “make” the picture. If you do that one thing your images will better communicate your intended vision. Photography is not only about seeing, but more importantly, about effectively communicating your chosen message to the viewer.

Good Luck and Good Light!

Image: Resting Short-billed Dowitchers, Cochise Lakes, Wilcox, AZ
Nikon D4S, 600mm with 1.4 converter, 1/500th @ f8, ISO 250
Image cropped 25% for panoramic.