30 December 2014

Photo Tip: Secondary Elements

When I made this week’s image of a dancing Sage Grouse I chose to include a second out of focus Grouse in my composition. This does a couple of important things for this image. First, Sage Grouse are a fairly round element which can leave a lot of empty space in a rectangular frame. The inclusion of the second Grouse helps to fill that empty space. More importantly the second grouse helps to tell the viewer more of a story about Sage Grouse. It suggests that this grouse is likely dancing on a communal lek with many other male grouse. All of them competing with each other for the chance to mate and pass on their genes to the next generation.

Photo editors really like images like this because they help them to better illustrate the story they are trying to tell.

Good Luck and Good Light


Image: Sage Grouse, North Dakota