17 July 2014

Photo Tip: A Moments Reflection


When I look at this image I remember the day it was made. I remember where I was, who I was with, even what lens I used. I remember how it was one of those magic mornings when everything was still and quiet and perfect. It was the kind of morning where you could stand in the woods and hear your own heartbeat. My goal with this image was to share that feeling, that special moment with the viewer. Whether or not I was successful is for the viewer to decide.

One of the things we must keep in mind as photographers is that all we have to communicate with our audience is the image we put out there. We must always remember the people viewing our work do not have the back story. They don’t have our memories of the time we made the image. They don’t know, and usually don’t care how hard it was, how cold it was, or how much time we spent on that particular shot. All they have is our image. It must speak for us.

Good luck and Good Light!


Image: Sleeping Mute Swan, Kensington Metropark, Milford, MI