10 July 2013

Photo of the Week: Collared Trogan

This image of a Collared Trogan was made in the Tambopata National Reserve in Peru. I was very excited when I saw this situation. The graphic nature of the image is created by the strong diagonal lines of the vegetation. By lining up a shaded area of the jungle behind the shot, I was able to get a nice dark background. This dark background really makes the diagonal lines of the shot stand out. Placing the bird in the upper third of the shot was the obvious compositional choice here.

For this composition to work I knew I needed the Trogan looking into the frame. I also know that Trogans hunt by sitting still and turning their head around very slowly as they look for an insect to eat. So it was just a matter of waiting until the Trogan turned his head the right way, and then creating the image.

If you would like to join me on a trip to this amazing part of the world, I am leading a photo tour to the Tambopata and Machu Picchu this September. There is still some space available. You can find more information here: https://stevegettle.com/pages/tambopata-and-machu-picchu-photo-tour/

Good Luck and Good Light!


Image: Collared Trogan, Tambopata Peru