18 June 2013

Photo of the Week: Pot of Gold

I think this may be the luckiest photograph I have ever made. It was created on a chilly, rainy, September morning at Baxter State Park in central Maine. This moose was feeding in a pond alongside the main road. Being near the road there were a few photographers that had stopped to spend the morning photographing this moose. After about an hour of working in the steady drizzle the sky to the east broke, and the sun peeked out forming the rainbow. Some of the photographers continued to shoot the moose and some started working the rainbow. I took a few steps to my left and realized if I moved enough I could shoot both. I ended up wading out into the water up to my waist to get everything lined up just right. At the time the other photographers thought I was crazy walking out into the pond like that. Once they realized what I was doing they realized I was really “crazy like a fox”! I added a polarizer to the front of my lens to intensify the colors of the rainbow.

Some people like to think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This image proves it is actually a moose’s butt! Not to worry, the pot of gold is in fact, at the other end of the rainbow.

Good Luck and Good Light