14 January 2013


For the next few weeks I am going to talk about light and how it affects our images. Light is everything in photography. It is in fact, what creates our images. When we release the shutter, the mirror flips up and the shutter opens. This allows photons of light to pass through to the sensor where they are converted into electrons which are then used to create the image. Of course this is a very simplified version of what happens. But in essence the light coming through the lens paints the scene onto the sensor.

Light is everything in photography. How is the direction of the light affecting the look of the image? Is it good light, or bad light? Is it warm light or cool light? Is it the best kind of light to photograph our chosen subject in? Is there enough light? Is there too much light? Do we need to modify the light with reflectors a diffuser or fill flash? These are just some of the factors about light we should consider before releasing the shutter. I will talk about all of these subjects and more in the coming weeks.

Great photographers are always aware of the light, its subtle moods and variations. They live and die by the light it dictates what and when they shoot. They know how to use light to their best advantage. They know how and when to bend the light to their will. The best photographers are patient and wait for the light to get just right.

Good Luck and Good Light!


Image: First Light, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula