12 August 2011


Whenever I am teaching nature photography one of the things I really emphasize is that, in order to be a better photographer it really helps to be a better naturalist. The more you know about your subject the more likely you are to be able to predict its whereabouts and actions.

The images you see here prove that statement as true. Earlier this spring I was out photographing when I heard a bird calling that was not immediately familiar to me, stopping to listen more I decided that it might be a Prairie Warbler. Prairie Warblers are only occasionally seen in Michigan, usually during migration. I decided to spend some time searching for the bird, and ended up getting to spend the entire morning with this bird, a species that I had never had the opportunity to photograph before. All because I knew its song!

I was told by a couple of birders (who driven four hours just to see this bird) that this was the only Prairie Warbler that had been seen in Michigan this year!