26 January 2011


Another great thing to photograph in the winter is the landscape. The winter landscape has a dreamy surreal quality about it that I really like to try and capture. When everything is covered in a fresh blanket of new snow the landscape is transformed. Snow has a way of smoothing out the landscape, not only softening all of the sharp edges, but also taking away much of the color as well. This more simple quieter landscape has a real serenity and peaceful feel to it.

When photographing the winter landscape you need to pay special attention to your histogram. Your camera has no idea what color or tone it is looking at, so it assumes everything is a mid tone. You will need to dial in an exposure compensation to help your camera record all of that snow as white. Usually a compensation of anywhere from plus 2/3 of a stop to as much as plus 1 2/3 stops, depending the lighting conditions and, how much snow there is in the scene.