17 August 2010


Here in the Midwest it has been a very hot summer, it is now mid-August and as we round the corner and start to head towards fall, I look forward to things starting to cool down a bit. One of the many reasons that I look forward to the cooler weather this time of year is that cool mornings means dew covered subjects. One of my favorite things to photograph. Dew forms when the temperature gets cool enough to cause the water vapor that is present in the air to condense on different surfaces. Late August through early September happens to be one of the best times of year to get out and find dewy subjects to photograph.

For this type of photography I like to get out in the field about a forty-five minutes before sunrise to try and find a few subjects to work on. Locating subjects is actually the hardest part of this type of photography. But you will find if you are persistent and walk slowly through a meadow you will find things to shoot. Once you find something to shoot the actual photography part is fairly easy, since your subjects are chilled and will be unable to move until they warm up a bit.