30 July 2013

Photo of the Week: Barn Swallows

This shot was taken in the ceiling of a picnic pavilion near my home. I had found this colony of nesting Barn Swallows the year before and made a note to come back and photograph them during nesting season the following year. This shot was created using high-speed flash to freeze the wings of the parent in flight. Because the parents flew in a fairly predictable flight path I was able to fire the camera myself instead of using an infrared camera trigger to trip the camera.  I shot this nest for about a week taking over a thousand pictures. Of all those shots this was my favorite not only because of the way all of the chicks were lined up but also because of the great wing position of the parent bird.

Good Luck and Good Light


Image: Barn Swallow Feeding Chicks   Long Park, Walled Lake, MI